So it happened to you, the Xbox console seems to have come to a sudden death. After switching it on for a little while you get an E74 error message that shows up on your screen, and you have the red ring of death.

You have come to the right place to learn what to do when your Xbox 360 delivers the E74 error code. Of course, you have never heard of this before, but basically, your Xbox 360 is nothing more than a big complex piece of equipment, so it is a good idea to learn what to do when your Xbox 360 delivers the E74 error code.

You need to know that Microsoft covers the red ring of death under the warranty for 3 years after you purchase your system, so if it happens to be out of warranty, you can have it fixed by them for free. However, if your warranty is expired, you can have it fixed by $140, and this will include the shipping and handling. Also, an express warranty is only covered for 1 year, so if you need your Xbox fast you will probably have to wait up to 6 weeks to get it back.

If your warranty is still active and you haven’t experienced any technical difficulties, you should be able to fix it yourself. The first issue you have to tackle is to get the E74 error fixed.

Now, there are a few preliminary steps you can do before you start to repair your console.

Xbox 360

Restart your console.

If you still get the error, then you need to take larger steps to fix it. If your console is not running anymore, then you should switch it off and unplug it from the electrical socket. Let it cool down for about an hour then plug everything back in.

If your console is running again, then you have to look into the problem further.

Stop assist the power supply to get rid of the bad oles. You can do this by unplugging them and then plugging them back into the supply. Check that they are plugged in tightly and that the fittings are not loose at all. You also have to make sure that the cables are inserted correctly.

Remove any cables that can be yanked out with force. After you have tried this, finally opened up the box and got rid of all the cables. Now, since all the peripherals were connected to the main board there is no point in trying to uninstall them. Just get rid of them.

Check that your power supply light is not showing red when you switch the console off.

Sometimes what causes the E74 error is your power supply. When you switch the console off, this should allow your Xbox to shut down to protect itself from overloading. If this doesn’t work, you could use a different wall outlet.

Always try the cables first. If all the cables are inserted correctly at the back of the console, then switch off the Xbox and unplug it from the wall outlet. Let it cool down for about an hour then plug everything back in.

If your power supply is still not responding, then you will need to have it professionally repaired.

Once the Xbox has been cooled down try turning it off and unplugging all the cables and peripheral devices from it. Let it Finish up cooling and plug everything back into the system. Now check if the Xbox is working.

I hope that it turned on and worked. If not, then I am sorry but you will have to call Microsoft and request a repair, as it wasn’t an error any more. However, make sure you have the Sea or Trend drive installed in the console. And if you want to be extra careful, you can always try a makeshift by wrapping the Xbox 360 in a couple of towels and turning it on and off! Turn it off and unplug it from the wall. Let it cool down for about an hour then plug everything back in. It works sometimes and if you’re lucky, it may work on the next date.

Remember, if Microsoft were to repair this problem, it would take about 4 to 6 weeks for them to send it back to you. And in most cases, it would still take them a month to send it back to you than it would take you to make the repairs yourself.

Taking the problem into your own hands, you can repair yourself with the assistance of a Repair Guide. The Repair Guide has a step by step video instruction to show you how to fix the E74 error.

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