If you’re currently looking for a UK copywriter, you may be slightly confused by the array of different types of writers out there. If you don’t know your digital copywriting from your SEO, perhaps a little clarification and ‘myth busting’ may be in order…


What is an SEO copywriter?

SEO copywriters specialize in the ‘optimization‘ part, producing keyword-rich content that has the primary purpose of pushing your page up the Google rankings. They understand what the search engine ‘bots are looking for, they know the latest search terms used by human visitors and they know exactly what terms to include in your content to make it work effectively. SEO content interests both the search engines and your all-important human visitors (the ones with the money to spend on your products).


What is a web copywriter?

A web copywriter structures your content and produces engaging, fresh and original copy that encourages human visitors to interact with your website rather than bouncing to a rival. They also know about keywords and strategic positioning to encourage search engine ‘bots…

Just a minute, isn’t that what SEO copywriters do?

Okay, so what is a digital copywriter?

A digital copywriter doesn’t just write web content. They have a broader range of skills that can include social media positioning, email copywriting, creating press releases, writing blogs, Tweets or Facebook updates, as well as how that copy interacts with your SEO content… and there we are again – are you seeing a pattern emerging here?

We keep coming back to those three letters – SEO. However, let’s bust a myth right here – SEO doesn’t just mean ‘search’. Optimization means making every line of copy, every keyword and every piece of online content work as hard as possible. Yes, it’s there to push you up the rankings, but page rankings are nothing without conversions. A website that gets thousands of visits every day might be high up on Google’s rankings, but unless those visits are converting into sales, your SEO is failing to do its job properly.


So what is the difference?

The truth is that these days, there is very little difference between web copywriters, SEO copywriters and digital copywriters. They are basically the evolutionary steps that copywriting has taken as the Internet and its demands have evolved. Now, digital copywriters (whatever title they give themselves) produce the kind of content that you need to succeed in today’s social, connected world, taking into account all aspects of SEO.

For years, the assumption was that all you needed for your website to succeed was good SEO. Now things have changed. Keywords, while still vital for search engine success, are only part of the picture. The key now is killer content – content that engages, informs and is fresh and original. Content that is shot through with strategically placed roadmaps guiding your human visitors through the site to your ultimate destination – the shopping cart check out or ‘contact us’ page. If you’re new to the world of copywriting, there are some excellent copywriting courses that will give you the low-down on the latest SEO techniques and how digital copywriting is becoming the new business tool of choice thanks to the explosion of social networking sites.


Facebook, MySpace and Twitter – the new kids on the block

Ignore social media at your peril – this booming section of the Internet is having a profound impact on the way businesses present themselves to new demographics online. Good UK copywriters are those who can incorporate all aspects of an online campaign, linking them seamlessly into a single, powerful presence that takes advantage of all types of copywriting, be that SEO, social media or even video scripts for YouTube.

Pay for cheap, poor quality content and you’re throwing money away. Pay for premium quality content, refresh and update it regularly and constantly revisit your SEO and you’ll have a site that shows you a return on investment, increased sales and a strong web presence.

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