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How To Transfer Airtime From One MTN Number To Another

Pondering how to transfer airtime from mtn to mtn with friends or family?

Or what to do with your over recharged MTN airtime?

MTN is a service that allows you to transfer airtime (credit) from your MTN account to another MTN customer’s accounts. You can transfer airtime from mtn to mtn using code or SMS. Both of them are inversely fast and veritably accessible to use meaning no matter the system you chose to use, you’ll be fine with it.

With MTN Me2U service in Ghana, sending airtime to your family and friends directly from your phone has just been made a lot easier. Before you can transfer airtime from mtn to mtn, you must change the default PIN which is 0000.

First, you need to register for the MTN Me2U service:

How to Register For The MTN Me2U Service

To be suitable to shoot airtime to anyone, using the Me2U service, you ’ll need to register first. Follow these way to register for MTN Me2U so you can transfer airtime from mtn to mtn line;

  1. Dial *198#
  2. Enter ‘1’ to activate
  3. Enter a new 4-digits pin
  4. Re-enter the 4-digits pin
  5. You’ll get response indicating that you’ve successfully registered for the service

Now that you have activated the Me2U service, let’s continue with the transfer of the airtime:

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How To Transfer Airtime From MTN to MTN Number via SMS

  1. Go to Message
  2. Click on the  Write New Message
  3. Enter the amount, leave a space, Enter “Mobile Number” leave a space, Enter “Pin (the Pin the you created using the above steps)” and send to 1329. E.g. 10 0593xxxxxx 1234 and send to 1329.

This Is how to transfer mtn credit to another mtn line in Ghana via USSD Code

After registering for the MTN Me2U service, you can now transfer airtime from mtn to mtn number in Ghana.

Let’s follow these steps in sending Airtime (Credit) from your mtn account to another mtn account with the MTN Me2U service.

  1. Dial *198# on your phone
  2. Select ‘2’ to transfer
  3. Enter the recipient’s number (The phone number of the one you’re sending to) and press enter.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to send to the person. (If you wish to send 10.50 cedis, only type 10 here).
  5. Enter the decimal value of the airtime you wish to send to the person. (As explained In the previous step, type the decimal value without the dot. I.e (50). If you write it with the dot, you’ll get an error notice).
  6. Enter your Me2U pin code.
  7. Press 1 to confirm the transaction.
  8. MTN will send you a message indicating the success of the transaction.

TAKE NOTE: 0.10 pesewas will be deducted on every transfer you’ll make, and the minimum credit possible to transfer is 1GHC.

Final Thoughts

Irrespective of the method you decide to send airtime from your mtn sim to another mtn line, the service is fast and easy to use by anybody whether you are used to the network or a new subscriber.

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