Have you ever been talking to a girl, and her body seemed to be talking back to you? You might have found it really difficult to understand what a girl is thinking, by trying to interpret her body language.

Girls are a mystery, and in most cases, almost nothing can be done to understand what they are thinking. This is where an ability to read a girl’s body language is going to help. By reading these following tips, you will be able to interpret the girls’ body language, so you will know if she is interested in you, or not.


1. Greetings

A good way to determine if the girl’s body language is interested in you is to check how she greets you.

If she is smiling at you, she will look her best and greet you with a soft relaxed smile. Maybe even subconsciously.

If she is not smiling, and she is still looking around, this might be a sign that she is not interested.

If she is not smiling or not looking at you, this does not indicate a thing. So you should just avoid her.

2. Touching

If a girl is talking to you, and she touches you, it is a good sign.

Watch out for these signs:

– If she is touching you, on the hands or the arms, this is a hello, I’m hello, and I’m looking for my friends.

– When she is touching, she might be stroking an object for easier illustration, like a pen, or a glass.

– If she is smiling while touching you, this is a nice touch, and you are on the right track.

– Any time she touches you, she is interested in you.

Keep in mind, if a girl is not touching you, or is in a negative body language while you are touching, that might mean she is not interested. But if she is negative, try to keep the ball rolling.


3. Conversation

When speaking to a girl, keep in mind that she is interested in you.

– She asks you simple questions that are not expected or important.

– She laughs at your jokes, even when they are lame.

– She asks about your family, hopes you have a sister or brother, and so on.

– She tells you personal things like what she does for a living, her last boyfriend, and her dream vacation.

Keep in mind, if a girl is showing signs of interest, you should just go for it. If she is not interested, it does not mean you are not interested.

Remember never get pushy or seem desperate. If she doesn’t seem interested, it may be time to move on.


4. The afterglow

Girls after glows happen to be some of the most beautiful and sexy females on the planet.

– They are very outgoing

– They are very intuitive

– They are very sexy

An after glance is very important when determining if a girl is interested in you.

You should never hold it long enough; it is more effective when she is looking at you during it.


5. Interpreting body language

This can be really tricky, and you need to get right into what a girl is saying.

Some of the things to watch out for are:

– She leans in a lot

– She touches you very briefly

– She tells you personal stories (daughter far beyond what she would normally tell a guy)

– She asks what you like and personal questions about your career, interests, family, etc.

– She laughs at your jokes really hard

– She is very cruel to you; she makes fun of everything you believe in, she puts you down and makes fun of you.

– Her gaze never leaves your face for long periods of time, even when she isn’t really looking at you.

– She mentions things about her future that involve you

– She is very critical

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