How to do Click for Click without resulting to invalid clicks

Hi friends, today am going to teach you on how to do Click for Click without resulting to invalid clicks.

First and foremost, Visit the website you wanna do “`Ads Click“`

★ Scroll from the header of the site to the footer of the site. Because google records Site Impressions.

★ Then click on a published post.

★ Click on an Ads. And don’t leave the site you clicked immediately after clicking the ads. Spend at least 2-3mins on any clicked Ads. So as not to record them as invalid.

Because invalid clicks can lead to suspension.

More also, your clicks must not exceed 3-4 clicks on a device. Because Google look into the IP address of a particular device clicking on an Ads.
To help guarantee promoters are shielded from false snaps Google have … Simply observing the term invalid snap on your crusade can be terrifying for a ton of new AdWords clients. … no promoter would need to pay for those kind of snaps on their crusades. … Set aside time and cash with our driving AI and heuristic examination.

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