COTP: Learn How To Earn Up To 3.6% Daily With U.S Licensed Crypto Arbitrage COTPS

‘Exchange arbitrage’ 

Arbitrage exchange is when a trader buys the same ‘asset’ in one ‘exchange’ and *sells* it in another exchange to make profit.

Do you have interest in becoming a P2P agent/trader by trading your Usdt every 2 hours to already waiting buyers and earning 0.3% every 2hrs, using immediate competition for orders? COTP provides that through transaction hall.

The transfer of this asset from one exchange to another is what we term as “over the counter” (OTC) trading.

COTP: Learn How To Earn Up To 3.6% Daily With U.S Licensed Crypto Arbitrage COTPS

Cryptos OTC Trading Platform is a digital currency service platform that uses artificial intelligence and algorithms to automatically buy digital currencies at low price and sell them at higher prices to earn the difference between the two.

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The COTP platform allows you to place one fast order every two hours and up to twelve fast transactions per day, each of which can generate profit. After two Hours the frozen amount will be returned to your balance and you will be able to accept orders.

COTPS exchange is providing intelligent high-frequency transaction services to users all over the world.


In the high-frequency transaction mode of COTP, no matter whether the market is bull market or bear market, whether there are large market fluctuations or stable market, as long as there is a matching transaction, there must be a price difference, so that the small interest difference between purchase and sale orders in milliseconds will be collected and processed by the high-frequency technology, ensuring the stable revenue for customers by its fast processing all day long.


Go to “transaction Hall” and Compete for orders. You will be able to sell USDT and earn 0.3% per transaction, in every two hours. Multiple every 2hrs (0.3%)of trade by 12 times, that will give you 3.6%. But since we must rest, one could average 3% a day by trading 10 times everyday.

With as little as $10 you can start trading.

-No subscription fee.

-No robot fee

-No referral bonus

– Instant deposits

-Your money is in your care.

-Instant withdrawal anytime

-3.6% Gains a day

-+108% Return on investment in a month

– Regulated & Running 2yrs

-3 Million users plus worldwide

– Active Customer service

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COTPS is a *trading platform* which specializes on P2P OR OVER THE COUNTER TRADE.

If you don’t Trade or Authorize the payment for transaction to begin, you don’t make money

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