What is it about men that women are attracted to? The most important factor is appearance. It doesn’t matter how much money you have or how smart you are, when it comes to women, looks will only hurt. You have to present yourself in the best light. Take care of yourself physically. Get into a gym, women love a man in shape and it will also make you be more confident with yourself. You don’t have to be buff for the gym, just look to get there and be healthy, there are lots of half-size women and plus-sized men in the gym and if you want to work out, you must be confident in yourself, women find that attractive.

Be clean and neat, it will also help with your confidence. Don’t wear old fashioned clothes, stylish clothes that fit you well but still clean and smell fresh. Your hair should match your dressing, if you’re a guy, don’t wear jeans with a t-shirt, if you are a lady, don’t wear a sweatshirt. If you don’t know what’s in style and what is the best way to shop, ask your sister, she will be able to point you in the right direction. ANIMAL – BEING BODY AREA


BE YOUR BEST SPOIR girl could be either a positive or a negative character trait. Men who “do nothing” are body ugly to women and there are lots of great women who “do everything” Body language gives away a person’s inner character. Positively speaking, handle yourself with confidence, walk with your head up and talk calmly and directly to people with confidence than someone who walks with a head down and talks to slowly. People love talking to a happy person who is sure of himself. Answers will read this to you with a “Oh I knew it, I will be that way!” Look, ground medic sense can help you turn an ugly situation into a good one no matter what kind of situation you are in.

BE YOURSELF. Be who you are and the woman will acknowledge that you are who you are. People want to be around people they are comfortable around. BEUC laying down a clear identity helps people to recognize you. We are more likely to be open to conversations when we understand what drives our personal convictions. People will respect us more when we speak the truth in a situation.

DON’T BE RUDE. If you don’t like something, don’t tell everyone, KEEP IT, adjust to the situation or DO something about it – IT’S NOT WORTH YOUR ATTENTION or reserve yourself to your man. There is nothing wrong with accepting your own shortcomings, in fact, SO MUCH IS TOO MUCH to be honest with others. Always see the good in yourself and others will overcome those imaginary 1987utive brains also.



A man with a lot of good qualities, smarts, experience and confidence will always find an attractive woman. The Adventures of Swinging Single in the UK in the 1980s did half the work to land a girlfriend than a man with less than adequate looks and self-tooling wisdom. Bad boys attract more women than good looking losers, you do not need to be “good” to attract women, you just need to be “bad”.

Ladies love disappointments! Never be afraid to do something crazy, daring or silly, women love a slightly dangerous and unpredictable man. What to do on a date:

– Don’t be too personal or intimate.- Don’t messy food in the first date.- Don’t talk about yourself too much or try to impress her with empty stories about how smart you are, where you are from, star signs and such.- Don’t be weirded out by technological features in there life.- Don’t whip out a chair and get personal.

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