3 Junction Kojo Ashong Road Left in Sorry State – MCE Shows No Concern

3 JunctionResidents of communities along the 3-Junction to Kojo Ashong road in the Amasaman constituency have decried the deplorable nature of the road which saw its first bitumen overlay barely two years ago.

The road which was constructed in 2020 in the lead up to the 2020 elections serves over 8 communities in the enclave including Achiaman, Kpota, Doblo Gonno, Kwashiekuma, Ardeyman, Onyansana, Otuaplem and Kojo Ashong.

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The 3 Junction-Kojo Ashong road in its current condition could be said to be among the worst roads in the capital as it has developed huge gullies with the over 90% of bitumen overlay completely washed off.

Due to the bad nature of the road, crime has seen an increase in the area including two murders in the few months which made national news.

Unfortunately authorities, including the Department of feeder roads and the Ga West Municipal Assembly have turned a blind eye, refusing to properly construct the road or even rehabilitate it for the meantime.

Residents are therefore calling on government and the relevant authorities to come to their aid by fixing the road which connects many communities in the Ga West district to the city centre.