Does Amazon Take Apple Pay?-Check Out

Does Amazon Take Apple Pay?-Check Out

Does Amazon Take Apple Pay? Amazon is the largest ecommerce platform online today while Apple pay is a widely used, convenient way of making mobile payments with a few taps on your phone. The issue, however, is whether an Amazon take Apple Pay or not?

Even though Apple Pay is a widely used payment system in the United States and accepted by more than 85% of retailers across the country, individual stores and platforms may have their own preferred payment methods that may not include Apple pay.

So in this article, we look at whether Amazon take Apple Pay, other accepted means of paying on Amazon and answer some relevant frequently asked questions on using Apple Pay to make payments. Kindly read on to know more.

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What is apple pay?

Apple pay is payment system by the Apple Company which allows users to make contactless payments using their iPhone. It is accepted by over 85 percent of retail stores, shops including public transport and offers. Apple pay is secure and no one can make payments with your phone without authorization since it is protected by security measures such as the FACE ID.

Apple Pay

Does Amazon take Apple pay?

No, Amazon doesn’t accept Apple Pay as a form of payment when making a purchase on the world renowned e-commerce platform. Buyers can however, pay with cards saved on their Apple Pay during checkout. Apple cards are also accepted and would be used exactly as one would use a debit or credit card to make payment.

Purchases on Amazon can be paid for using the various methods of payment available, which includes:

  • Credit cards
  • Amazon Gift cards
  • Debit cards
  • Cards on digital wallets such as Apple Pay, MasterPass and Visa Checkout.

Amazon digital wallets payment

Amazon Digital wallets provide online shoppers with an easy and convenient way to manage their credit and debit cards for payment, instead of they carrying the physical cards in their wallets throughout the day. This saves shoppers from the work of having to type in card information each time they shop. With the card information already stored in their digital wallet, they can pay using the saved card.

When they pay for their purchases, the shopper authorizes the mobile payments by using a digital wallet. The wallet they choose allows them to select the saved card they prefer to make a payment from.

Amazon allows customers to pay through digital wallets such as Masterpass from Master card, Visa Checkout from Visa and Apple Pay wallet from Apple.

How to use digital wallet on Amazon

Using the digital wallet on Amazon is quite simple and saves time since you don’t have to go through the burdensome process of entering your card details. Other than that, making payment on Amazon with digital wallet is no different from using a physical car. To use a digital wallet on Amazon, you must

  1. After shopping on the Amazon platform, click on Checkout,
  2. On the checkout page, scroll down to select your digital wallet provider from the list.
  3. Log in to the digital wallet or confirm identity and select the card you want to pay with.
  4. Confirm and proceed with the payment.

How to make payment with Apple pay wallet on Amazon

Even though Amazon does not accept Apple pay, Amazon customers can choose to pay with cards stored in their Apple Pay digital wallet on their Amazon checkout page. To checkout with your Apple Pay digital wallet on Amazon, follow these instructions.

  1. Add items you wish to purchase in your cart on Amazon.
  2. Proceed to the online cart and click on checkout to go the payments Options page.
  3. On the payments page, scroll down and click on Apple pay.
  4. An Apple Pay pop up opens where you are required to confirm identity with either Face ID or passcode.
  5. Next, your apple pay wallet opens and if you have multiple cards stored, you have to select which one you want to use for the payment.
  6. After selecting, your payment will be confirmed.

Does Amazon take Apple cash?

You can use credit cards or debit cards stored on your Apple Pay wallet for payments of products purchased on Amazon, even though direct payment Amazon doesn’t take Apple Pay direct payments. The benefits of using your Apple cash digital wallet include:

  • It is convenient to use.
  • You always have your phone with you, so no worries if you forget your wallet.
  • You enjoy same cash back benefits as when you use physical cards on eligible purchases.
  • Security from Apple Face ID and passcode protects your wallet from unauthorized payments.
  • Your apple cash wallet reduces the risk of fraud associated with typing your card information.

Can I get cash back with Apple Pay on Amazon?

Banks and credit card companies consider payments from your Apple pay digital wallet the same as a payment with a physical debit or credit card. Therefore, whether or not you get a cash back with Apple pay on Amazon or other stores depends on the cash back offers your card company has on offer.

An example of cash back cards is the Bank of America‘s Cash Rewards Credit Card. You earn 3 percent in the categories you choose. Select from online shopping, gas, eating as well as travel, drug stores and much more.

If you’re looking to earn the 3% rebate from Amazon, then you must choose the category of online shopping. Additionally, you’ll get 2% back at the grocery wholesale and retail stores, and 1% off any other purchase completed with the card.

Other forms of payment on Amazon

You can make payments on Amazon beside using your digital wallets. Payment methods such as Amazon gift cards can be redeemed to shop items to the tune of the amount stated on the card.

You can also pay with Amazon cash. To do this, verify your Amazon account with your phone number, visit any participating shop and load up to $500 on your Amazon account with cash. You will only need your phone number or a bar code associated with your account to do this.


In answering the critical question “Does Amazon take Apple pay”, we have come to understand that while Amazon doesn’t accept Apple pay as a payment method, users can use cards stored on their Apple Pay digital wallet to pay when shopping on Amazon. Using cards saved on digital wallets is safer and convenient and where your credit card company has a cash back offer running, you will benefit from same by using a digital wallet.

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